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A colored president

When the first African-American cast a vote in 1870 he thought the world had changed. Yesterday the US proved it really had

Barack Obama won the 44th US presidential elections in landslide. U.S is going to witness its first colored president. Though the result is predictable from opinion polls, i am tad suprised with the huge margin (338-141). On a side note, democrats lost in Kansas (Obama’s mom is from Kansas). What a pity!

In his first speech as victor, Obama catalogued the challenges ahead. “The greatest of a lifetime,” he said, “two wars, a planet in peril, the worst financial crisis in a century.”

Elections slideshow

Declaring victory

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A day worth remembering

To all those sports enthusiasts, Sunday is a day worth remembering. It started with cricket and ended with F1. In an unexpected turn of events, Kumble retired from test cricket arena. It is the end of an era. TheĀ  more i made fun of him, the more i loved his cricket. I have personally witnessed his commitment to the game.

Sunday’s Brazilian F1 race is the most exciting race i have ever seen. Hamilton is crowned formula1 youngest champion, thanks to Glock. Get the complete story here.

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Why vote obama

A must read insightful article named America is willing to change on why you should vote for Barack Obama.

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Wonderful Wednesday

This action packed Wednesday ended on a good note for few and a sad note for the rest. Its a wonderful Wednesday for Man U, Punjab and Bangalore and a wistful Wednesday for Chelsea, Mumbai and Chennai.

Mumabi lost to punjab despite a stupendous performance from the master. They just let the match slip from their hands. The super underdogs bangalore trounced chennai. Thanks to some good bowling from Jumbo. Yesterday, a friend of mine is asking me.. how in the world is jumbo getting wickets. He can’t/won’t turn the ball. He is a part time medium pacer disguised as leg spinner. I couldn’t gave him any plausible explanation and i am still looking for a convincing answer.

The all-English EPL final is an awesome match that proceeded till the penalties to find the winners. Multiple things happened in a short span of time. Ronaldo missing a penalty, Terry slipping and kicking the ball away from post and finally the great save from ManU’s goalie. In the end, ManU emerged as winners.

Loads of action and all in one day. What more does sports enthusiasts ask for.

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