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Rendezvous with the master

A 16 year long wait came to a happy ending. I always wanted to watch Sachin playing his natural deft strokes in the stadium. Finally, my little dream came true on wednesday when i went to watch the last match of the IPL (round 1) between Bangalore and Mumbai. Master scored a decent 40 (not out) laden with four classic boundaries and a majestic six over the covers. It is not a great knock considering the capability of master, but i am glad that he didn’t reach the pavilion with a meager score. Its a feast to watch Sachin playing those shots so effortlessly and with sublime ease. I came out of the stadium ecstatic and jubilant.

Thanks to master for the memories of a lifetime.


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I couldn’t answer…ab initio

I have been to KFC quite a number of times but never bothered to find out who that old man is. Yesterday i went to KFC with my brothers, sisters and cousins. Suddenly my sister popped this question when I was busy munching crispy chicken pieces. And i couldn’t answer. It might be innumerable number  of  times that i might have passed though that fast food center. That old man is quite appealing on the KFC stall.

So today i found out who he is and informed by sister… Colonel Sanders

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Sundry subjects

Well, I found these as interesting reads.

How to read a business book

Proximity to pain

Beware of gold quest

Mean street MBA’s listen up!

About Pangea Day

Pangea Day – Short films Some of the films are really touching. Worth a watch.

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Wonderful Wednesday

This action packed Wednesday ended on a good note for few and a sad note for the rest. Its a wonderful Wednesday for Man U, Punjab and Bangalore and a wistful Wednesday for Chelsea, Mumbai and Chennai.

Mumabi lost to punjab despite a stupendous performance from the master. They just let the match slip from their hands. The super underdogs bangalore trounced chennai. Thanks to some good bowling from Jumbo. Yesterday, a friend of mine is asking me.. how in the world is jumbo getting wickets. He can’t/won’t turn the ball. He is a part time medium pacer disguised as leg spinner. I couldn’t gave him any plausible explanation and i am still looking for a convincing answer.

The all-English EPL final is an awesome match that proceeded till the penalties to find the winners. Multiple things happened in a short span of time. Ronaldo missing a penalty, Terry slipping and kicking the ball away from post and finally the great save from ManU’s goalie. In the end, ManU emerged as winners.

Loads of action and all in one day. What more does sports enthusiasts ask for.

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On Wienies

I stumble up on this link while reading Seth Godin.

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Get reviews for individual rooms in hotels

Unlike other sites that provide reviews to hotels, Trip kick provides reviews to individual rooms as well. Before checking into the room, customer can get access to various details of the room. Innovative idea. huh..

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Itunes sucks

This is not a swift conclusion. I have had enough of itunes. Last week i spent four hours loading my ipod with the albums of my likeness and later deleted those songs from my laptop. Now i connected my ipod to recharge it and viola! all my songs are gone. Itunes auto-synced my ipod with the music in my laptop. I lost all my songs. This means that i have to spend few more hours this weekend to load my ipod. This is really tiresome.

Fortunately there are alternatives. There is winamp’s ipod plugin and a host of other softwares which can be used in place of itunes. But each software comes with certain issues and there is always a trade off involved. I already wasted some of my not-so-precious time trying to figure out which alternative better suits my needs and i found none. As of now, Itunes is the savior. Though it sucks i decided to stick to itunes as of now.

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