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Is it true

I observed that i can lift weights with ease between 8-9 PM and i feel completely lethargic and need tons of energy to lift the same weights between 6-7 PM. Is it true with everyone out there? I popped the same question to a friend of mine who is regular to gym.  He didnt give me any ‘plausible reason, but advocated my observation.

Free advice : You are better off lifting weights late in the evening (after 7:30 PM) rather than early in the evening.


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Serial entrepreneur

An interesting article about an entrepreneur who is currently riding on the success of his fourth venture. His new venture TutorVista is an online tutoring company that imparts education to students in more than 13 countries, primarily among them being the US. If some one comes to me with the same idea, i would have asked him 1000 questions before believing in the success of this idea. Even Ganesh Krishnan faced many brickbats.  This is what he says about the challenge he faced.

Selling an intangible is difficult; selling an intangible over the Internet is doubly difficult and selling an intangible over the Internet from India is three times difficult. So, it’s a big challenge.

His advice:

Entrepreneurship is all about having passion for an idea. Also, you should be foolish enough to believe that it will work. Foolish enough because each one of the four ideas that I started were in a sunrise area where nobody else had ventured. Whenever I started people would say that I will fail miserably.

For instance, when I went to a few venture capitalists to get funding for they said it will never work. Moral of the story is I succeeded despite the doubting Thomases. Also, remember that only five per cent of the ideas work; the rest are consigned to the dustbin. It should be your attitude to think that you will be amongst that five per cent.

The other thing is entrepreneurs should always think about the larger picture. Entrepreneurs need to jump at an idea. Unless you do that you will never know. Don’t worry too much about theory and business plans. None of the business plans that I made initially worked. They kept on changing and that’s true of every entrepreneur. I am not saying that you should not have a plan. But be prepared to accept that it may not work out in the way you have planned it.

These are some of the lessons that I learned in my entrepreneurial stint till today.

If you are a young entrepreneur then this is your best time. India is actually rocking and opportunities are tremendous. You have venture capitalists coming in, GDP is growing at around nine per cent Indians are getting recognised globally — not just as cyber coolies but as somebody who could actually create valuable businesses.

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Being blunt

While working with people from different cultures coming from different places, speaking various languages, we learn a lot. Also, We observe people with different attitudes and characteristics. Good and bad. Tolerable and intolerable. Funny and foolish. Intelligent and innocent. Some of these traits are acquired through their culture, some by their upbringing and some mysteriously. Without beating the bush lets come to the subject at hand.

Being blunt is good in certain situations and is just simply unacceptable in many situations. Especially while working as a professional, we are expected to follow the etiquette. Today i got the privilege to witness how being totally blunt evoke negative reactions from others. Learned a lesson from this episode.

“It is not good to be totally blunt. But at the same time there is no need to distort what we wanted to say. Always find a way to articulate. Exception: There might arise few circumstances which demand us to pour our feelings bluntly. But these circumstances are very FEW”

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