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Gender Analyzer

Taking a cue from my friend, i tried Gender Analyzer. And yes, it analyzed properly.



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The world out there is more crazier than you think. We have Brangelina couple selling their tots pic for a staggering $14 million. The amount is nonsensical and i just don’t understand why Hello and People magazines are ready to pay huge amounts just for a few minutes of photo shoot.

In the other news, we have Zimbabwe releasing Z$100bn worth bank note, which is not even worth the loaf of a bread. The annual inflation rate has exceeded 2,200,000%. After reading this, we shouldn’t complain of high prices in India.

Finally i finished Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl after a good three weeks. I am a tad surprised to learn that Anne Frank is featured in the Times top 100 heroes and icons. If i go to Amsterdam, i will definitely visit Anne Frank House. Now the Anne Frank House is a museum where visitors are given the opportunity to personally envision what happened on this very spot. For more info on Anne Frank, click here.

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To cricket lovers

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