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There is something about Brijit

Simply, Brijit aggregates the world’s best long-form content and abstracts it in 100 words or less, providing busy, omnivorous, and increasingly mobile readers with rich, qualitative summaries as well as better guideposts for what to read, watch or listen to now.

This idea stemmed from the following thought:
We wish deep down that we were the kind of people who could read the Economist AND the New Yorker cover-to-cover every week, watch the Sunday morning political shows, and never miss an hour of This American Life. But we’re not. And chances are, neither are you. Because who’s got the time? And that’s why we’re building Brijit. Our mission is simple: make it easy for all of us to discover and access the world’s best content, quickly, inexpensively and on our own terms.

This is angel financed. Provides three dot rating. Its coverage is vast.

Where does the name Brijit come from? (i didn’t get this) We like the idea of the ellipsis, the three dots in a row used to eliminate non-essential passages, leaving only salient points behind; that’s what our abstracts are all about. But since Ellipsis didn’t get us there, we started fooling around with the three dots, which led us to the letters ‘iji’ in sequence, which led us to Brijit on April 7, 2006. Added bonus connotations: bridge, abridge, midget, widget, and Bardot.

Once i get some time, i will definitely join Brijit and try this.

Adios Amigos


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