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Itunes sucks

This is not a swift conclusion. I have had enough of itunes. Last week i spent four hours loading my ipod with the albums of my likeness and later deleted those songs from my laptop. Now i connected my ipod to recharge it and viola! all my songs are gone. Itunes auto-synced my ipod with the music in my laptop. I lost all my songs. This means that i have to spend few more hours this weekend to load my ipod. This is really tiresome.

Fortunately there are alternatives. There is winamp’s ipod plugin and a host of other softwares which can be used in place of itunes. But each software comes with certain issues and there is always a trade off involved. I already wasted some of my not-so-precious time trying to figure out which alternative better suits my needs and i found none. As of now, Itunes is the savior. Though it sucks i decided to stick to itunes as of now.


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