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I will try my best

I heard many people saying “i will try my best” numerous times and in most cases they don’t. They didn’t give their best. But they declared in public that they will try and do that something to the best of their abilities. I must say that “I will try my best” has become a trite these days. Nobody seems to believe in that. yet, people use this in certain situations and today, like everyone else i am declaring openly in this post that i will try my best to be regular in blogging. It is not an oath but something very close to that.

I have my own reasons that lead me to take this decision. I got an email couple of days (may be four days) ago, congratulating me on completing 3 years of employment in my company. Actually, i didn’t realized this until i saw that email from HR. The moment i read the email, i lost in my own world. I tried to recall what happened in the last 3 years and unfortunately i couldn’t recall much. Time does run fast.

Since i doubt my recalling abilities, i decided to blog. This way few years from now, if i look back, atleast i will have a record of what i was thinking at that time.


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Snap previews and other news

My previous blog has snap previews enabled and initially, i quite liked this feature and was happy about it. It gives me preview of the website almost the moment the mouse hovers over the link. Usually i include very few/limited links in my posts and snap previews doesn’t bother me much. But imagine blogs by those who include way too many links in their posts. In this case snap previews become irritable.

Some one who shares my views..

In other news, we have clinton who failed to position herself as a democrats nominee (Road to second place). Its a bad news for many Indians. I heard that Indians in US are supporting Hillary as her policies are amiable to Indians (in terms of outsourcing, visas and immigration). Though there is lots of unwanted hoopla surrounding the democratic candidates, finally the republican McCain will have the last laugh.

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