Being blunt

While working with people from different cultures coming from different places, speaking various languages, we learn a lot. Also, We observe people with different attitudes and characteristics. Good and bad. Tolerable and intolerable. Funny and foolish. Intelligent and innocent. Some of these traits are acquired through their culture, some by their upbringing and some mysteriously. Without beating the bush lets come to the subject at hand.

Being blunt is good in certain situations and is just simply unacceptable in many situations. Especially while working as a professional, we are expected to follow the etiquette. Today i got the privilege to witness how being totally blunt evoke negative reactions from others. Learned a lesson from this episode.

“It is not good to be totally blunt. But at the same time there is no need to distort what we wanted to say. Always find a way to articulate. Exception: There might arise few circumstances which demand us to pour our feelings bluntly. But these circumstances are very FEW”


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