Mommies confidence

I have seen few women metamorphose from being a single woman to a married woman and then to a mother. I must say that it is quite a transformation. Many of girls i knew are a little timid and diffident before marriage. They normally feel shy and when in public, they speak in low pitch. Even after they are married they still feel that shyness to a certain extent. But they do gain some self confidence (assuming happy marriage). Once they landed in that coveted motherhood stage, they get that magical confidence. I don’t understand where they acquire this from.

It might be that motherhood brings with it loads of responsibility. Mothers have to take care of kids, finish their daily chores and tend to their job (if working). To effectively manage all these activities she has to do multitasking. And to achieve success in multitasking she has to rise to the occasion and act. If she feels uncertain then many things will go out-of-order. I believe that this fear makes her mentally strong.

There might be many who may not agree with my viewpoint. And they are right in their own way. Some girls are innately confident and my views just doesn’t apply to them.


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