India – cheap labour

I admit and I have to admit that we Indians are considered as cheap labor by the so called developed countries. Yes, India and china top the list of the developing countries that does the leg work for the MNC’s in USA and Europe.

I am reading an article “What to do when you hate your job” in USnews and something there caught my eye which led to this post after a long hiatus.

You’re overwhelmed. Maybe the work is too hard, or there’s just too much of it. Possible fixes: Hire a tutor or take a short, pragmatic course to help improve your knowledge. Ask for help—it sounds obvious, but many people don’t do it. Trade some of your most onerous duties with a coworker who finds them easier. Avoid needless perfectionism and put aside the things that can wait (possibly forever). You can even hire a “virtual assistant”—usually, a live person in India—for $6 to $15 per hour, at sites like Brickwork India and Your Man in India.

The bottom line is “we will do you job for $6 and you can submit that work and charge $50. “


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